Sep 21, 2020  
2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ENG 101 - English Comp I

Hours: 3

English Composition I is designed to improve students critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Emphasis is on the writing process and practice of textual analysis to produce academic essays. Comp I also addresses the fundamentals of argument, research and documentation.



Prerequisite: Students must have tested into English Composition I (ACT 18 or greater OR Accuplacer score 80 or higher OR challenge writing sample score of 4 or better) OR successful completion of ENG 090  (C or better) AND students must have met the college reading readiness score of (18 or better ACT OR 80 or better on Accuplacer Reading or challenge Nelson Denny score of 6 or higher) OR successful completion of ENG 080  (C or better).

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