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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer Engineering, AS

Preengineering - Associate of Science

This program of study is a sample plan for a full-time student; part-time study is also available. All academic schedules are subject to change. Students complete a variety of transferable courses to prepare them for higher-level study in Engineering.


Program of Study

This sequence of courses is designed for the student who plans to attend ECC full-time and is prepared to take Calculus I as an entering freshman. Part-time study is also available. Please contact an academic advisor for complete course options. For the most current academic schedule (which is subject to change), visit the college Web site at www.eastcentral.edu.

Year 1

Year 2

Fall Semester

Total Semester Hours 17

Spring Semester

Total Semester Hours 15

Specific Degree Requirements for Each Type of Engineering

Type of Engineering Specific Humanities/Social Science Requirements Specific History or Government Requirement Specific Communication Requirement Technical Electives
Aerospace Ethics and Literature     Statics, Dynamics, C++ Programming, Circuits
Architectural One must be upper level History   Statics, Dynamics, Circuits, Engineering Statistics
Ceramic One must be upper level     Statics, Engineering Statistics, Chem II
Chemical       Chem II, Organic Chem I, Organic Chem II, C++ Programming
Civil       Geology, Statics, Dynamics
Computer One must be Public Speaking   English Comp II C++ Programming, Circuits, Statistics
Electrical One must be Public Speaking   English Comp II C++ Programming, Circuits, Statistics
Engineering Management One must be General Psychology     Statics, Dynamics, C++ Programming, Circuits, Engineering Statistics
Environmental   History   Chem II, Geology, Biology, Engineering Statistics, Statics, Dynamics
Geological One must be upper level   Public Speaking Engineering Statistics, Geology, Biology, Statics, Dynamics
Mechanical One must be a Literature     Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Statistics, C++ Programming, Circuits, Metallurgy
Metallurgical One must be upper level     Engineering Statistics, Statics, Circuits, Metallurgy
Mining One must be upper level   Technical Writing Engineering Statistics, Geology, Metallurgy
Nuclear One must be upper level   English Comp II Engineering Statistics, Statics, C++ Programming, Metallurgy
Petroleum One must be upper level   Technical Writing Geology, Statics, Dynamics


Missouri S&T Accepted Humanities and Social Science Electives

(***denotes upper level courses)