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2017 - 2018 Catalog 
2017 - 2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2017-2018 General Education Requirements

The General Education Requirements for the Associate of Arts Degree:

East Central College offers a 42 credit hour general education block of coursework that satisfies the Missouri Department of Higher Education general education model. In meeting this standard, students graduating from ECC with an AA degree and transferring to a public baccalaureate institution in Missouri will enter the transfer institution at the junior level and will have satisfied the lower division general education requirement. A student is required to demonstrate skills in each of the following three areas:

  • Communicating (CM-CLO):

Improving written and oral communication skills; adapt and apply communication to academic and professional purposes, audiences and contexts; demonstrate the use of technology to analyze and communicate information; and use active listening and reading skills

  • Creative/Critical Thinking (CCT-CLO):

Improve the application of relevant knowledge and theory to new ideas, positions or solutions; assess and analyze concepts and data; formulate meaningful questions; and interpret and evaluate evidence and arguments.

  • Ethics & Social Responsbility (ESR-CLO):

Develop cross cultural awareness and an understanding of global interconnectedness; apply multiple worldviews, analyze ethical choices and consequences; and understand the core values and accountability of citizenship in a democratic society.


Students in the Associate of Arts transfer program may select electives to complete the 60-credit hour requirement.  The choice of electives should be based on their areas of interest or the transfer institution’s specific requirements. As students consider their options, they should also keep in mind that the choice of electives is an important opportunity to transfer coursework that fulfills the baccalaureate school’s requirements for the first two years of study.


Students are assigned an academic advisor and are encouraged to meet with their advisor often.  When a student has determined a major and career interest, academic advisors will guide them to one of ECC’s Pathways  based on their intention.  The Pathway shows the general education and other course recommendations that will best prepare students for future sucess.

If you are undecided about your major or field of interest, but you know you want to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree, or if you are considering a career program, we can suggest possibilities for your first semester of college to help you decide.

The Associate of Arts pathways are some general suggestions of courses to complete general education and elective requirements:



The General Education Common Learning Objectives (CLO) - 42 hours

  1. Foundation Seminar (FS-CLO) - 1 hours
  2. Communication Common Learning Objective (C-CLO) - 12 hours
  3. Creative/Critical Thinking Common Learning Objective (CCT-CLO) - 17 hours
  4. Ethics & Social Responsibility (ESR-CLO) - 12 hours

Program Electives - 18 hours

Total Associate of Arts Degree-  (60 hours)


1. Foundation Seminar (FS-CLO) = 1 hour

2. Communication (C-CLO) = 12 hours

Complete each one of the headings below:

3. Creative/Critical Thinking (CCT-CLO) = 17 hours

Complete each one of the headings below:

History or Government elective = 3 hours

Select 1 History or Goverment Elective:

Life Science = 3 - 5 hours

Select 1 course below:

NOTE: A minimum of one life science or physical science must include a lab

Creative/Critical Thinking Elective (CCT-CLO) = 3 hours

Select 1 course below:

4. Ethics & Social Responsibility (ESR-CLO) = 12 hours

Choose a total of 4 courses, at least 1 from each category

NOTE: Courses must be taken from at least two subjects.

Ethics & Social Responsibility (ESR-CLO) = 6 hours

Select 2 additional courses from Global & Cross Cultural subcategory and Ethics & Social Responsibility subcategory:



Associate of Arts degree students must take 18 additional hours in program electives to complete the Associate degree.  Courses must be college level courses  East Central recommends students take program electives in students future area of study.  It is recommended that students contact the transfer school to review courses accepted as transfer equivalents meeting program requirements.


AA General Education-Common Learning Objectives (42 credit hours)
AA Electives (18 credit hours)
Total AA program (60 credit hours)