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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Science Pathway, AA

Health Science Pathway - Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts students must meet a minimum 60 credits, minimum 2.0 CGPA, and fulfill all general education and elective coursework within the Associate of Arts degree program. Students interested in transferring into a Health program at the university level are encouraged to contact the transfer institution early to locate courses needed for their program of choice at the university level. Below are some general suggestions of courses to complete general education requirements and electives.

Program of Study

This program of study is for a full-time student; part-time study is also available. Please contact an academic advisor for full course options. For the most current academic schedule (which is subject to change), visit the college Web site at www.eastcentral.edu.

Year 1

Total Semester Hours 15

Spring Semester

Total Semester Hours 17

Summer Semester

Total Semester Hours 6

Year 2

Fall Semester

Total Semester Hours 14

Spring Semester

Total Semester Hours 14

* Recommended Program Electives:

AA program (66 credit hours)


A list of humanities electives can be found on the General Education Worksheet on the ECC Web site:


Other program elective options should be discussed with the student’s academic advisor.