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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fine Arts, AFA

Art - Associate of Fine Arts  

The AFA degree is a path that allows Fine Arts majors to complete a series of fine arts foundation courses, to experience and develop skills in a variety of media, and to compile a comprehensive portfolio of artwork. While the AFA degree is often pursued by those planning to transfer into a BA or BFA program, the courses lay the groundwork for lifelong artistic growth and build a solid skill set for those who seek employment opportunities with the AFA degree. The program has an articulation agreement with UMSL and is accredited by NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design). Artists are found in a variety of occupations: Artist, Entrepreneur, Printmaker, Photographer, Conservator, Curatorial Assistant, Public Relations (museum, art gallery), Exhibit Designer, Archivist, Registrar (museum), Art Therapist, Writer/Critic, Art Agent/Consultant, Art Transporter or Handler, Framer, Medical Illustrator, Art Supply Salesperson, Art Director, Multimedia Artist, Animator, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Teacher/Professor

Extra-Curricular/Co-curricular Opportunities at ECC: A student in the Art department at ECC has the opportunity to take part in exhibitions in the ECC Art Gallery, visiting artist workshops. The Art Club brings art and art projects to the campus and ECC service area, as well as providing community service. Students may also travel abroad with the Art Club for artistic enrichment. ECC art students are also encouraged to take part in the wonderful programming provided by other departments at ECC including the Film and Lecture Series, ECC Music Performances and ECC Theater Productions.


Campus Offered Credits Required
ECC-Union 61

This program is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Spring Semester (15 hours)

Fall Semester (15 hours)

Spring Semester (15 hours)

Approved Studio Electives:

 ART 115 - Art History I   ART 151 - Sculpture I   ART 229 - Advanced Drawing 
  ART 116 - Art History II   ART 152 - Sculpture II   ART 231 - Figure Drawing III 
 ART 118 - Photography I   ART 165 - Digital Video Technician I   ART 232 - Advanced Figure Drawing 
 ART 119 - Photography II   ART 170 - Typography   ART 241 - Advanced Painting 
 ART 135 - Illustration I   ART 171 - Digital Photography   ART 248 - Advanced Ceramics 
 ART 136 - Illustration II   ART 172 - Intro to Animation   ART 260 - Gallery Applications 
 ART 141 - Painting I   ART 176 - Web Design I   ART 261 - Package Design 
 ART 142 - Painting II   ART 215 - Printmaking-Relief   ART 262 - Page Design & Layout 
 ART 145 - Watercolor I   ART 216 - Printmaking-Intaglio   ART 265 - Digital Video Technician II 
 ART 146 - Watercolor II  ART 218 - Advanced Photography    ART 266 - Web Design II 
 ART 148 - Ceramics I: Handbuilding & Surfaces  ART 221 - Digital Illustrator II-Advanced Illustration    ART 268 - Multimedia Productions 
 ART 149 - Ceramics II: Throwing & Glaze   ART 228 - Drawing III