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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Assessment and Course Placement

East Central College is an open admissions institution. Students are accepted into ECC regardless of their level of academic preparation. In order to best place students, the College requires students to (a) present an ACT score as evidence of their college readiness and/or (b) register for and complete the full series of college placement tests offered at the college at no cost to the student.

Students entering East Central College with 12 or more transfer credit hours may have the placement testing waived. However, enrollment in certain courses without the appropriate prerequisite or other placement test score may require such testing.

East Central College follows best practice in placement testing. As such, students testing into specific ranges in reading and writing may challenge their placement. Challenge tests are given at no cost and students are notified at testing if they are eligible for a challenge test.

ECC follows the guidelines of the Department of Higher Education regarding college readiness standards. Currently, the College Readiness Standards for Missouri Community Colleges are the placement requirements. These standards identify appropriate ACT levels for placement into college-level coursework. Students entering the College without an ACT score or with an ACT score below the college readiness level will be required to take the full series of placement tests. College staff will use the test results to place students into appropriate coursework.

Note: The College admissions office can assist students in determining testing needs.

Developmental Courses

East Central College provides pre-college coursework to students testing below the college-ready standard. Students will be placed into coursework in the developmental mathematics sequence, developmental English and/or developmental reading as determined by test scores. The college preparatory coursework available at East Central College assists students in addressing college-ready skills and academic preparedness. In addition to coursework in the core academic areas, students can also elect coursework in study skills and vocabulary.